Adding a little accent to an everyday item is one way to Mbelleish your world.


    A personalized tree skirt and stockings add the perfect touch to your family tradition.


    The Belle is a licensed vendor for Zeta Tau Alpha and other Greek fraternal organizations.  


    An embroidered linen tea towel makes a great hostess gift, or a perfect accent to a themed party.


    Turn an everyday item into a keepsake that the special couple will cherish forever.


    Travel in style with a beautiful monogrammed bag from Emilie Sloan. Visit their Pacific Place location to place your order.


    Adding a little accent to an everyday item is one way to embellish your world.


    Create a special basket for each of your little ghosts this Halloween.


    Mbelleishing your life couldn't be easier.  With a little imagination you can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.

    Step 1: Choose YOUR items

    Almost anything can be Mbelleished...

    While we carry a line of signature products available for your own monogram or custom embellishment, we specialize in specializing YOUR items.
    Some of our most popular items include: sheets and pillowcases, robes, tote bags, baby clothing, backpacks, blankets and throws, corporate logo items, golf towels, bridesmaid gifts, burp cloths, pet jackets, sorority gifts, accent and throw pillows, napkins and placemats....the list is endless!
    Add initials, a special design, whatever and make it...YOURS!

    Want to add a crown to your little princess's book bag?  A skull and crossbones to your brother's golf towel?  A mustache to your man's grilling apron?  We have a collection of basic artwork that can be added to any item, along with your lettering.  Want something we don't have, like a jump-roping monkey?  I can probably get it for you for a small fee - just ask!  View a sample of monogram styles & designs.
    We carry a wide variety of standard colors or we can color match a specific item to your preference.

    We offer your choice of 15 basic thread colors.  If you need a very specific shade of green, etc., we can easily color-match thread to any item for a small fee.  Due to limitations in the printing process, colors below should be viewed as representational.  The color of the actual thread may be slightly different. View our standard thread colors.

    Step 4: Email us!

    Contact us directly.


    We'll confirm your instructions, provide a price estimate and schedule a time to pick up your items. Most items can be embellished with a 14-day turn-around but let us know if you need an item sooner and we'll do our best to accommodate. Either way, your embellishment will be in your hands before you know it.



    Embroidery & Monogramming
    Our pricing starts at $12.00 for a single initial or small monogram and goes to around $75.00 for our largest design. Our turnaround time is usually less than a week, a bit longer for larger orders. During the month of December, turnaround time is a week and a half to two weeks. We can arrange a rush order, if needed, for a fee.
    Logo Digitizing
    Embroidery digitizing is the process of turning your existing artwork into a stichable format that the embroidery machine can read. This art form cannot be learned overnight. Send us your artwork to get digitized and we will stitch out your logo on anything you would like. Copyright laws apply, pricing varies based on the size and complexity of your logo.

    Mardee Austin

    Mardee Austin has a long background in the fashion industry, working in a variety of roles on both the front and back-end, most recently in the accessory and handbag markets.
    Raised near Atlanta, Georgia, she grew up with the notion that anything can be monogrammed...and now she is bringing this trend to the Pacific Northwest.

    We provide custom embroidery and monogramming to the greater Seattle area.  We'd love to hear from you.

    Magnolia Chamber of Commerce



  • The Belle Has Moved

    The studio is currently closed and no orders are being accepted during our relocation.  Future business plans are TBD.  The Belle and her family have purchased a 130 year old home and will be focusing on renovating it for the near future, so may or may not reopen.  Thanks for your past business and support!


    When choosing a monogram style, the sky is the limit. Intricate scripted letters, clean and simple block lettering, elaborate frames surrounding a monogram all Mbelleish a simple piece of fabric turning the ordinary into a work of art.
    Here are a few things to consider:
    Do you prefer retro, traditional, whimsical or modern designs? Is the item for a man, woman couple, or child? Where are you using your monogram items? What is the style of your home? Do you have wallpaper in your bedroom or bathroom?
    Some letters may look just like you want them to, while some letters, like the letter F, J, S & T's can all look a little different that you may expect, depending on the font you choose. If you prefer symmetry, consider choosing a font that is more upright than slanted.
    The most common monogram design is the three letter monogram with last name initial in the center and larger than the other two initials. The first name initial goes on the left and middle or maiden name initial on the right. Linda Fritz Austin would be LAF
    When three letter monograms are done using same size lettering, the monogram would read in the same order as the name: Linda Fritz Austin would be LFA. This is customary for block lettering and very small monograms.
    Monogramming for...

    A married couple who are sharing one last name.
    For a three-letter monogram, place the bride's initial on the left, and the groom's initial on the right, and the first letter of the last name in the center ("ladies first"). While this is the most common practice today, it is also a matter of personal preference. It is perfectly fine if you prefer to have the groom's initial on the left, and the bride's initial on the right.
    Someone who has no middle initial.
    Use a two-letter monogram, where the letters are the same size. The first initial should be on the left, and the last initial on the right. 
    Someone who has four names (ex. Mary Ellen Ruth Hart).
    A monogram with letters of all the same size looks best:
    You can also stack the letters to make a square:
    A newly-married couple who are hyphenating both last names to form a new last name. (ex. Douglas Peter Jamieson marries Gail Marie Nelson).
    Use a large J and N in the center, smaller D and G on the sides: DJNG

    Sometimes, its fun to embellish the Mbelleished! Add one of these chic frames around a monogram to take it up a notch!

    Small (approximately 4"x4", depending on design): $15
    Medium (approximately 5-6"x 5-6", depending on design): $20
    Large (approximately 6-8"x 6-8", depending on design): $25

    MBelleish Monogram Frames (www.mbelleishdesigns.com)

    Any of our fonts can be used to create your monogram, but these fonts lend themselves especially well to this type of embellishment

    MBelleish Recommended Monogram Alphabets (www.mbelleishdesigns.com)

    MBelleish Recommended Monogram Alphabets (www.mbelleishdesigns.com)

    Choose from a wide selection of fonts to customize your MBelleishment.

    All MBelleish Fonts (www.mbelleishdesigns.com)

    We offer your choice of 15 basic thread colors . If you need a very specific shade of green, etc. , we can easily color-match thread to any item for a small fee. Due to limitations in the printing process, colors below should be viewed as representational. The color of the actual thread may be slightly different.

    MBelleish Thread Colors (www.mbelleishdesigns.com)